All Americans should reject using illegals for services. We must also elect only those politicians who will prosecute as a criminal anyone who breaks our laws the same way they have criminalized social pot smokers and cocaine users just for possession.

Unity Through Solutions

Unity Through Solutions Discusses Illegal Immigration

The issue is toxic, the situation dire, the outcome unknown but, the remedy is simple.  Illegal immigration has been promoted by our elected leadership in both parties so this is not a partisan issue.  Illegal immigration is a crime. We have border patrol agents and many agencies to manage yet for decades these politicians have intentionally broken our laws by allowing illegal immigration to occur and thrive.

Unity Through Solutions 2016 01 The cost of Illegal immigration.

Along with this policy has come the party drug industries and the killers who engage in these activities and, the social cost burden geometrically mushrooms out of control so the spiraling crisis engulfs us all.
Our banks cut off funding for small businesses forcing them to the shadow banking system of private equity and venture funds who take over using pension fund savers’ capital but will lend money to these same funds…

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