Trump’s reach out spooked the Democrats so much that President Barrack Obama came out saying that he would feel personally insulted if the black voters voted for Mr. Trump. Unity Through Solutions says that this animated plea by Obama is indicative that the end has come for the Clinton era of corruption.

Unity Through Solutions

Unity Through Solutions discusses African Americans Considering a Vote  for Trump.

Clinton Machine losing its wheels Unity Through Solutions sees that Hillary Clinton is Panicking as Minorities desert her and the Democratic Party perhaps forever.

As new polls are released Unity Through Solutions has learned that all minorities once considered locks for the Clinton Machine are now eroding as fast as sand on a beach.

The Democratic leadership is worried about the question posed by Republican nominee Donald Trump at a rally in Wisconsin, where he asked the African-Americans to honestly judge, what the voting for Democratic candidates for the past 50 years has actually done for them.

He then asks them referring to his candidacy he asked , “what the hell do you have to lose?” by voting for him.

Trump also visited African-American churches to gather support.  It has been the position of pundits and pollsters that Trump would get only 1 percent…

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