Think about the turnover from tightly controlled political fiefdoms to new blood. New blood who has to earn the office through election processes meant to allow true leaders to rise to the top by their ideas and their ability to bring about solutions. Lets end the era of smugglers, killers and treasonous pay for play thugs now and disqualify their offspring from continuing the family businesses! #AskWhy?

Unity Through Solutions

America’s Political Dynasties.

American Political Dynasties Unity Through Solutions American Political Dynasties 2016

American political dynasties have been a part of our republic/ democracy/ oligarchy throughout our history.  Early families comprised the basis or backbone of the nation through their selfless contributions to service due to a great sense of duty to preserve the nation.
Our recent political families are not quit so selfless or endued with a sense of duty as much as how much they can game from the country.  JFK ironically potentially displayed a true altruistic side in his famous speech where he stated “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can for your country” in spite of being the scion of an illegal rum runner who created the Kennedy family dynasty.
Next we had the Bush family public dynasty that started sometime before JFK was assassinated including illegal banking practices to Nazi Germany.  The…

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