Buy One Lie Get Hundreds More Free.

Obama hates your lies and deceit
Obama I Hated your lies …..


In less than 3 months we will complete the 8 years of lies and deceit that are the Obama Administration. Our future as a free people awaits the election of Nov 2016. While there are those who are not delighted with Donald Trump,  please tell me you see he is a far better choice that Crooked Hillary with her arrogance, her lies and her trail of death behind her.

Obama  started his 8 years with a  declaration perhaps the only truthful statement this anti colonialist ever told the American people. Recall  “We are days away from fundamentally transforming  America “.

So the first lies occurred and were  related to Obama care when he told us “Like your doctor keep your doctor ” . Obama care was not about improving healthcare but rather control. With Obamacare  this rogue government ,that many state with authority is unlawfully conducting  business of the people, now can assert dominion and control over 1/6 of the economy

Now our nation’s future as a free people hangs by a thread held firm by good and deceit Americans who are not too busy to resist the tyranny that awaits.

I am so deeply saddened to have so many friends unwilling to examine the facts as I know them to be . From 1987 when I first met John  Stormer, to my exposure of the United Nations Weather Modification Treaty , to Ruby Ridge,  Waco, Oklahoma City, 911 , and the myriad of events that this government used as excuse to tighten the noose around our necks, my friends were unwilling to see the reality of the globalists’ ,secularists’ ,elitists’, progressives as they moved to impose their will on our culture . Now with the United Nations Agenda 21  and Agenda 2030 in full view along side the Kyoto Protocol  and today the Paris Accord (73 parties have ratified this cabal to tax the world carbon emissions ) the noose is around the necks of the nations and the hangman is ready to spring open the door.

I regret that I do not have answers to what has happened I can only say I saw it happening and tried to warn my part of the world. I do know this  Obama is not the first President to lie to the American People . Sorry to leave you with such a somber end but that’s all I have.If you would like to assist is sounding the alarm and working on solutions join our Unity Through Solutions team 

Obama hates your lies and deceit
Obama I Hated your lies …..





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