George Soros believes himself to be a God

Corruption is Destroying Our Nation.

Corruption allows for corrupted leaders to control the dialogue of our people Robert Gehl makes the point above.

Our Political System is Corrupted.

Our Currency is Corrupted.

Our Culture is Corrupted.

I was born in 1952 in a wonderful community of Midway North Carolina. I am a product of the global strategy that has nearly claimed our nation . I was taught to pray daily for blessings for meals and in the evening before bed . I do not recall any of my friends who did any differently. The major offenses in school were  chewing gum and talking out of turn .

The seeds of rebellion were sowed by the television showing events that promoted personal rebellion. Nevertheless, I came to Duke in 1970 with my values firmly rooted.

In 4 short years, the influences of that experience  transformed me to a man eager to experiment and  challenge my foundations. Slowly over the next 15 years, my life was corrupted. I Prayed rarely as I came to know that God was in me . New Age thought told me to focus on Me. I rebelled against my moral foundation as  Machiavelli’s, The Prince became the source for my guiding principals , “The End justifies the means ” My culture had been corrupted.

Thankfully my mom came to Texas and steered me back to my foundational roots. As I began to reflect, I meet John Stormer and  Eustace Mullins who explained that influences that had corrupted me personally had corrupted our political and monetary systems .

Today I have nearly 30 years of fighting to awaken others to the corruption I see . We are nearly at the end of the journey. 20 Trillion in debt, our children rudderless , doctors legally killing babies and our nation is celebrating vice as we are told to be tolerant of  others who hate our country , In 2008 we elected a Muslim apologist as a president who transformed our nation according to his anti-colonialist ideology.

The election just concluded  gave me a choice of a woman who kills her adversaries and lies pathologically with the media holding the fingers on the scales tilting the race.

Dead are being registered , illegals are being given citizenship , felons are being given restored voting rights

We have cast afloat our national values . Unless our team, along with many others working toward similar goals as  Unity Through Solutions, can rally and unify our future is bleak . So I work daily to alert others to the corruption and the hope our team offers. Join us and help turn our nation back to its foundational  roots .


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