Quality Payment Program 2400 pages of governmental control
Quality Payment Program 2400 pages of governmental control

Land of the Regulated… Home of the Enslaved.

The United States is in turmoil over racial tension. Professional race-baiters and fear mongers continue to make a massive profit from hustling their followers into hatred for whites. But should black Americans be angry at white Americans? If not, should their anger be directed at someone else?

Legally, the last slaves were freed in Kentucky and Delaware by the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1865, but black slavery still exists in many countries. In fact, black slavery in particular is alive and thriving in Muslim countries.

Around 11.5 to 14 million black slaves are being held by Muslim masters as part of a religious right given to those who pledge allegiance to Islam.

Now the liberals are not opposed to slavery as evidenced by their lack of concern for the plight of these men and women.

Today let’s address another form of slavery.Consider a recognized definition below.

cause (someone) to lose their freedom of choice or action.


  1. make (someone) a slave.
    synonyms: subjugate, suppress, tyrannize, oppress, dominate, exploit, persecute;

    “the few on top have chosen to enslave the masses and keep them ignorant”
    • cause (someone) to lose their freedom of choice or action.
      “they were enslaved by their need to take drugs”

    Now let’s examine the latest enslavement by this out of control government.

    Medicare officials rolled out an enslaving 2400 page regulation that determines how doctors are paid in this country of the enslaved. In 2019 if a doctor accepts new ways of doing things they can increase their compensation. Code if the slave is a good slave he can come into the house.

    Let’s see what some of those new ways might be …

    Refuse care for families who refuse vaccination

    Report regularly on the “mental health’ of their patients

    Complete invasion data gathering on patients via an electronic linked to the government databases for  various non-medical reasons.

This complex regulation impacts an estimated 660,000 to 760,000 physicians and will force most to seek a large practice group or other employment. Oh, get this 380,000 physicians will be exempt  Probably Clinton Foundation donors and FOB’s .

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