Pagans, Saints, and Politicians

In politically correct terms, faith-based peoples are considered a voting block to be pandered to and won over in election cycles.
Pagans offering themselves to a higher order of idolatry over the true God and Creator of our earth and all that inhabits it.
Saints are considered in God’s Word to represent His people accordingly are commanded to love and nurture one another.
Politicians are those of our society whose stated purpose is to represent their constituents to accomplish the best solutions for the benefit of the constituents.
We have observed a reversal where our politicians are imposing their financial partners best interest upon us effectively thwarting our best interests at every turn.
We were a nation of saints who demanded our elected leadership to reflect our moral compass derived from our Judeo-Christian values.
We are now a nation of pagans whose elected officials reflect anti-Judeo-Christian values and are tirelessly working to undermine any remnant of an ethical or moral standard.
We are a nation of saints led by pagan politicians whose outcome is our total destruction.
The “SOLUTION” for us now is to actively engage in raising up Christian leaders and promoting them for every elected office across our nation Only by reinstating some sense of moral fabric back into society will we survive as a free people occupying this most blessed land.
Engage with UnityThroughSolutions today as we advance the cause of reforming the Republican party back to the party of Lincoln.


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