NYC mayor De Blasio reacts to his own elections officials who are spilling
the beans on democratic methods at voter fraud by insisting they are
racist…….. Since when is criminal activity a racists issue as far as
this writer knows ever race and creed has its share of folks who are just
unable to function as law-abiding citizens so why is it that the “other”
political party relies so strongly on criminal activities to sustain
itself and why are we as a nation not prosecuting every politician who
makes disparaging remarks about those of us who abide by the law. If you
commit criminal acts for the purpose of defrauding another out of their
rightful place or property, you are a criminal. Mayor De Blasio, you are
a crook just as surely as your neighbor Mrs. Clinton and you both should
be indicted for these very acts of voter fraud and making false claims.
In addition any lawyer, politician or law enforcement official who makes a false statement about any US Citizen should be prosecuted as a felon along with a shortcut impeachment process. Anyone else agree? Is it time for law and order to extend to lawyers, politicians and law enforcement officials? Let’s organize and pass some laws to this effect and see how long it takes to purge corruption from “public service”.

Investigative Journalist report


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