Soros Video Predicts Landslide for Trump

Soros Predicts Landslide
Soros Predicts Landslide


Trump Landslide Predicted
Trump Landslide Predicted


Video is a bit slow to load but its here.


While not a paid political analyst Unity Through Solutions reads with interest the thoughts of Greg Stone

The election is over. DONALD TRUMP WON.
Thanks to Project Veritas and Wikileaks, election corruption in the Hillary Campaign, the DNC, and the entire Democrat Party all the way up to the White House has been exposed. The evidence now exists. The proof is in.
Suits have been filed with the FEC (Federal Election Commission). They must take these suits seriously – as the American public has been exposed to the evidence of corruption.
The FEC must now act. They must prosecute Hillary, the DNC, and even the White House. If they do not prosecute them vigorously for voter fraud, they cannot declare a valid election.
They are between a rock and a hard place – if they prosecute the crimes immediately, they preserve their credibility and can certify a fair election. (And Trump wins.)
If they do not prosecute the crimes they cannot declare a valid election. If they try to declare a fair election in the face of the proof that now exists, they will be rejected. They will be unable to declare a winner. Trump supporters will not accept the outcome.
And that stand-off leads to the Constitutional crisis that many have seen gathering on the horizon. The U.S. has the potential to descend into civil war. There is a potential for a second revolution to restore the nation to its founding principles.
At first glance, this seems bad for patriots and freedom-loving people, as the DHS has been built up by Obama to be an occupying force along with U.N. troops.
But that will not work. Here is the rub – even liberals, and especially wealthy liberals, do not want to lose everything they have. While they may vote for corrupt Democrats thinking they will benefit from handouts or cronyism, they are not stupid enough to support people who will strip them of all the material goods they cherish.
Same with the inner city. They will not revolt against patriots – they, too, now know who the villains are and how they have been betrayed.
No, the Marxist plot is about to blow up in the faces of some very bad people… Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Soros being a few of the primary losers. (Who will be serving jail time.) And many leaders who seem to be colluding with them will come forward (when given amnesty) to reveal the full extent of blackmail and bribes.
The real kicker is that the Marxists have overplayed their hand with their attacks on the Christian religion. Prayer warriors are already setting the stage for divine intervention that will stamp out Marxism for good.
The wall of prayers now forming will be impenetrable. The corrupt and greedy will destroy themselves slamming into an immovable force. Their howling and gnashing of teeth will not be pleasant to hear… but the day of sympathy for the corrupt is drawing to a close.
So, it is over. Trump won the election. Checkmate. We will soon begin the difficult but rewarding task of rebuilding a free nation. Once again we will be a beacon of light for the world.



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