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    1. I find fascinating the globalist’ agenda is being implemented in all of our industrialized cultures as we are flooded with a people whose recent agenda is consistent with the historical conquer and force submission Here in the USA our candidate seems to understand the issues and evil before us but our efforts toward awakening our population is not so successful . Not sure of our. National parallels but your articles lead me to the conclusion we have synergy by sharing our messages. My intent if you agree are to share your work to my audience with hopes that when they read similar items from 1/2 way around the globe the connections make the medicine down more easily I was a visitor to your vast land in April 2000 after the Olympics sailed the Whitesundays for 10 days hung out at Hayman lived and loved Sydney My son now 33 and I enjoyed acquiring a taste for vegimite and use it today The aussies we met we simply among the finest people we had met in our travels and thus we love the Australia we know Good luck in all of the important areas of life faith family friends and financial endeavors. Pls accept the reality of my occasional mistyped word as manual spell check is a task I disdain Regards


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