Congrats DJT

Thanks God Almighty Donald J Trump has overcome HRC! We disenfranchised Americans who have been relegated to watch as the Washington DC political class wipe out our savings, shipped our jobs out of country, passed onerous and counterproductive laws meant to crush our freedoms and otherwise transfer our wealth to the 1% can have hope once again. However, this writer does not believe DJT has the first hand knowledge or the true sense of what the 99%ers experience to make the right changes but lets give him the shot to include new blood, ideas and solutions and if he doesn’t execute, we have 2018 and 2020 to vote in a replacement with the solutions and desire to quash lawyer led political elitism. Like a dog chasing a car who finds his mouth full of bumper, DJT now has his bumper in mouth most likely wondering what to do now that he is here but lets hope he finds his way quickly. One thing this writer will warn DJT against is creating a Trump family political dynasty therefore the minute his kids start to ride his coat tails into political office, we will be out front warning the country of the Bush/Clinton/Obama era of family dynasty influence and rule. We say good bye once and for all to the Clintons, Obamas and their henchmen as hopefully the damage the last 30 years have bestowed upon us can be corrected. We shall see. 


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