Trump owes the election in large measure to 81% of this invigorated voting block. Will he keep his word when selecting a Supreme Court Nominee.?

Unity Through Solutions

Evangelicals Award Trump Presidency

The election went the right way and the republicans won the top job and now have all three houses.  The Republican party is now at a crossroads to decide who and what we will become and to run from what we had become under the failed legacy of family dynasties, career politicians, and crooked lawyers.  Trump has one factor to thank for his win and that is the fear by evangelical Christians that Clinton SCOTUS appointments would totally destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage and moral standards which have come under attack by both parties leadership.  Trump pandered to our people as best he could not being a church going man or even with a tacit understanding of The Bible and its guidance for our lives.  Furthermore, this writer doubts that any of the Trump transition team or potential cabinet members are in a Christian church of any…

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