Trump must Jail HRC

The apparent mellowing of president-elect DJT to execute his campaign promise to prosecute HRC if the evidence she committed crimes was the result of republican led investigations sends several bad messages to America and the world.  First and most evident is that he is a Clintonite and will not prosecute the laws of the land if public corruption and treason are standard operating procedure of elites.  Does this mean that Trump plans on committing many of the same strategies executed by Clinton Inc for he and his family’s personal benefit?  If he will not investigate or if necessary prosecute HRC with all the evidence so far on the Clinton machine, what else will he not do or do to advance personal gain over public service.  This writer expects he will say the quid pro quo for his sacrifice in running for president will be compensated by his back office, or maybe even obvious self dealing.  He is very quick to challenge anyone who challenges him so you have to assume he will attack anyone who tries and hold him accountable to his oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of These United States.  He is stacking his political appointments with former or current politicos and high level operatives of corporate governance so one has to question who he is bringing in for regular America.  Apparently he will hold to his elitist globalist mantra and if he isn’t impeached, his term in office will be another pillaging of Americans wealth and freedoms.  The Clintons are criminals and his reluctance to prosecute them means he is complicit to her criminal enterprise.

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