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Fukushima-Meltdown-Prevailing-Winds Fukushima-Meltdown-Prevailing-Winds

Topic:  Fukushima and Domestic Radiation Issues
We have an environmental crisis of enormous proportions with ongoing detrimental health implications occurring right now.  If you are unaware of the Japanese nuclear disaster and that the contaminated ocean water drifting in the currents from the ongoing and active Japanese spill is affecting the western American shores, please do some research and get up to speed.  A Live feed will be available at this site and we recommend ECNnews for accurate updates .Nuclear radiation in our atmosphere is a huge problem and creates debilitating health issues for Americans but even worse and of greater impact is the seafood we eat, the water we drink and the many exposures we experience from latent and patent exposure to nuclear radiation.  Our governments are inept at containing disasters and in managing the continuation of exposures to our ground water, air and soils so why are…

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