Only at the time when America had been made fearful of criticism as bigoted or racist,  would a man with such opposed vision of America become the President of our nation .

Obama the plague on America
Telling America boldly that he would “fundamentally transform America”Unity Through Solutions  saw this this charismatic , narcissistic , self indulgent , person set about reducing us to  shell of our former greatness. He took the disaterous 8 years of globalist movements by George Bush and gave away 8 trillion as his first official action in stimulus that to this day  is not accounted for . He strengthened our enemies and his policy of leading from behind was all our allies needed … to know America was no longer a reliable ally. With 20 Trillion in debt and our military hollowed out America is a divided nation where blacks loot and  shout “Pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon” , and openly call for the killing of police officers . The federal law authorities under Holder and Lynch openly advanced false narratives to fuel race anxiety  . George Soros and his billions advanced the open borders narrative as Illegals flooded our borders with seemingly total federal support.

Hus wife lectured us and as a final insult called us “Toddlers”  as her own children ran wild and flaunted their sexuality with carousing with the most vile songsters in our land.

Are we finished with him?  No ! He intends to inject venom into our culture as de facto he systematically continues his destruction .

There is only a single path that could create a cleansing of America . Examine his actions under the treason and sedition statutes  and prosecute Obama and his willing accomplices if  they  are found to present probable causes.

No this would never happen as our culture  would being afraid of being charged again with racism . Make this clear Barack Obama will remain a cancer in our land until his dying breath . He hates America and the Western World . He will do everything he can to destroy us . We are warned.


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