Trump and his national security issues are providing the entertainment press some fodder for stories while Obama skews and politicizes anything he can for his legacy.  Both of these characters are embarrassments to the office of President and to our nation.  Of course, we have to remember that Obama gutted our military leadership of capable and competent minds by taking control of every element of our military and intelligence gathering organizations.  He placed old guys who are fossils when it comes to technology as in Clapper at the top while separating the really smart and capable brass effectively neutering our foreign services and human resources.  Of course, Trump should question the integrity of the intel reports as we all have witnessed the politicization of the FBI and Mr. Comey as he reels in the wind of whatever Clinton or White pressure befalls him.  Trump isn’t the sharpest blade in the drawer either so when a guy like that with an ego the size of Montana receives classified information that he cannot vet through independent and public sources, he naturally should question the veracity of the sources and the information.


uts-web-posts-nsaHe has to assume that until the hour he becomes Commander In Chief this little Obama character and his demoncratic party associates will screw up anything they touch and try to compromise everything Trump does.  Folks, we take national security seriously however the actions and policies of this outgoing White House and all demoncratic party participants have made us aware that they do not and will do anything to undermine our once great nation.


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