Bundy Matter Over BLM Critical
The Bundy family has lived through unimaginable stress while certain actors inside our US government use their positions of power to deny our people of their legal rights.
We are aware that the family members and other victims of the land grab were exonerated in their Oregon trial however the saga did not end there as US government employees and agents have exacerbated their abuse of power through continued criminalization of the Bundy family and their associates.
Unity Through Solutions has commenced research of the Common Law Jury process as so adopted by our Founders that was the basis of our Constitution.
Apparently, the US Government, its agents, and lawyers have acted contrary to the Constitutional rights of the Bundy family, however, there may exist a solution to the extreme self-dealing that our judges and their colleagues, these so-called “officers of the court”, perpetrate upon innocent Americans and our businesses every day.  As we research the original intent of the common law system for local, state and federal governance in the redress of issues that require “we the people” in our capacity as a sovereign person to self-govern, we anticipate potentially joining in the cause towards returning America to her people.
Apparently most attorneys who took an oath to zealously represent the best interests of their clients are really acting on behalf of themselves and the state instead as they systemically deprive us of our wealth and property while impugning our reputations.
Should this research become conclusive, we expect that all Americans less the 1,400,000 plus minus attorneys who persecute us through our court system will be anxious to see the courts forced out of business and their persecution of the innocents come to an end.

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