Healthcare Affordability

Unity Through Solutions is concerned that the replacement to Obama-care through a pending republican health plan is not being viewed properly by anyone in Washington.  The apparent rift between politicians on each side of the isle is over net tax impacts to the rich and availability to the rest of America, two distinctly separate motivated groups.  The rich want tax deductions and deferral plans with zero impact their accustomed standard of life or disposable income while the rest of America just wants to survive while striving for some peace in their lives.  Neither constituent can win this fight representing just a few dollars to the rich but a huge part of everyone else’s income by using health care as the pawn, however, there is a solution that accomplishes both constituents their desired outcome as a relatively simple plan removing the political class’s control over other people’s lives.  fleecing_still-300wIf healthcare were again affordable and physicians could treat their patients without this 400% excessive cost burden on the country from legal malpractice by unscrupulous lawyers and unnecessary debt of the sector due to the unscrupulous bankers, everyone would be better off.  Screw the lawyers and screw the bankers and let’s get the 99%ers back on track.  The fight is not about the American people, it’s about the rich lawyers vs the rest of the country therefore until we retake control of our country from the BAR monopoly, everyone loses.  Regulate the legal industry then force them from office through term limits so We the People can become strong again.  Its the lawyers fleecing everyone that has created this nightmare on Main Street.

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