The statistics are clear indicators that CNN, MSNBC and the other liberal cable news organizations blew it when they prioritized ad revenues from liberal corporate sponsors over factual journalism. Lets be clear though regarding FOX News who is realizing a viewership increase as conservative viewers tune in to be entertained by the FOX babes and their generous sharing of leg shots. Whether or not the FOX demographic that purports to be millennials are interested in the content FOX is airing or the flesh appeal to young hormone raging viewers is debatable but the irrefutable fact is that FAKE NEWS and sensationalism journalism is a dead art with a terminal life span. American’s do not believe anything these talking heads say and why should we? These are one sided lobbyists sharing their bosses point of view and the narrative the corporate sponsors are paying for. Capitalism is for generating economic velocity in commerce not for creating public policy by self aggrandizing glamor queens who used to be lawyers until they realized news organizations would pay them more to become television personalities than they could get out of their clients pockets practicing law. News is simply the objective reporting of actual events and tabloid television is using real life personalities to create story lines that attract bored viewers so it is easy to classify our news organizations of today as unimportant and insignificant like their leader, Jerry Springer. This writer is ready for good old fashioned and fact driven content on our news programs so until these social media driven talking heads are relegated to fact based reporting, my television is turned off and I focus on serious and productive endeavors.


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