There are several stories floating around the press about these town hall meetings being interrupted by paid protestors intent upon creating chaos. This is just a false narrative by certain interests who are apparently unaware that the country is pissed off at the lack of leadership and when we get it, corrupt leadership with self-interests of lobbyists and politicians guiding our policies. angry-man-animation-1
Trump did nothing but prove the old elitist model of force feeding bad policy on us is not acceptable anymore instead we demand a return to our Constitutional Republic and control by “We the People” instead of a central banking cabal controlled by the Federal Reserve and a capital markets industry cleaning our clock through debt products and boom-bust cycles that forever transfer our wealth to their bank accounts. Let’s use these town hall meetings to identify former citizens with military service, who are business owners and creators of jobs in their communities and elevate them to local political positions in our communities. These potential candidates should be moderate conservatives who are from the Judeo-Christian faith community and exclude Muslims as they are not representing America’s values but some imitation religion that can grow up terrorists just like in their native countries across the middle kingdoms of the middle east. They want sharia law to replace our Founders Constitutional bedrock of government so again, focus on quality leaders in your communities and promote them for local offices. The time to retake America for Americans is here and you are a part of this solution if you become active to help lead us back from the precipice. Black Lives Matter has awakened our desire to take back America so let’s rise up and take our country back from this incompetent elitist president and his son in law.


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