Mexico Importing Muslims From Africa To Cross US Borders
It is a statement of fact that photoshopping can create any image anywhere showing anything. Whether or not film taken at US border crossings from Mexico showing thousands of Muslim black men who cannot speak English using Mexico as their entry point into the US is not only disturbing on its face but criminal in its magnitude.mexioc-invasion
Apparently the Obama/Clintonite liberal bring-America-down-by-flooding-Muslim terrorists into the country is in full swing consistent with the European and Scandinavian countries who were flooded by middle eastern Muslim terrorists. This writer believes the destruction led by Obama’s ISIS renegades across Syria, Libya and other war-torn countries was an intentional tool used to force these poor people out of their homes where they were born and lived and into refugee status with no where to turn. Yes folks, We are the great satan of the Islamic people and Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and anyone associated with them as either a contributor, professional colleague or political appointee is responsible for this carnage of peaceful societies.


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