DJT had the perfect opportunity to help make America great again by actually correcting the fallacy of the Obama ACA and he blew it. Anytime you allow a bunch of political insiders like the republican leadership to craft a plan, guess what folks, it becomes a political payoff and windfall for those legislators crafting the bill. This time it was the insurance companies who won large and the American people again got the shaft. DJT had his opportunity to look outside the beltway for a healthcare solution and chose to discard the one solution that was already crafted, opined on and would have truly allowed the American people to take back control of our healthcare circumstances and develop quality of care protocols with our physicians that would have saved money. Unfortunately DJT proves to be the globalists elitist chump who talks big and does nothing for Americans. Now “We the People” will mobilize a true and dominate third party to throw both major parties into the crapper where they belong. America deserved better and got less now we will show Washington how to fix the system and start by introducing our own health plan direct to the American people.


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