Who are UnityThroughSolutions.

We  decided our focus for this offering from UnityThroughSolutions  would be on world  News and Commentary. We select events and happenings that impact our nation and our world.  Our sister site will remain focused on our solutions to the problems our nation faces. We defer these things to our policy-oriented , older, and wiser sibling

Unity through Solutions. 

There you will find our positions on the problems and our solutions .

We intend to be a bit grittier. We are addressing our writing to the vast 90% of America that really is too busy with their career and family to get engaged with the macro problems they feel are beyond solution. We intend to address them with humor  and  a candor not expected today from political writing . We welcome your ideas for topics and  support.

We intend to address with  candor unexpected in political writing today . We welcome your ideas for topics and  support. We will acknowledge the source of materials when appropriate and will claim our right to republish under the FairUse doctrine. Where opinion is given it will be fact-based.


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