Unity Through Solutions Offers Solutions for Our Nation.

Now we face another systemic failure that will dwarf the past recessions as our wealth was stripped away and now the total collapse of our very rights and dignity as a people is within sight. Unity Through Solutions is asking everyone who cares about themselves and their families to join us today as we press on to reverse the actions that have allowed our country to fail and become a voice of “We the People” in a peaceful revolution of solutions that can preserve our God was given and ordained Constitution Of These United States of America.


Fake News For Advertising Dollars

The statistics are clear indicators that CNN, MSNBC and the other liberal cable news organizations blew it when they prioritized ad revenues from liberal corporate sponsors over factual journalism. Lets be clear though regarding FOX News who is realizing a viewership increase as conservative viewers tune in to be entertained by the FOX babes and their generous sharing of leg shots. Whether or not the FOX demographic that purports to be millennials are interested in the content FOX is airing or the flesh appeal to young hormone raging viewers is debatable but the irrefutable fact is that FAKE NEWS and sensationalism journalism is a dead art with a terminal life span. American’s do not believe anything these talking heads say and why should we? These are one sided lobbyists sharing their bosses point of view and the narrative the corporate sponsors are paying for. Capitalism is for generating economic velocity in commerce not for creating public policy by self aggrandizing glamor queens who used to be lawyers until they realized news organizations would pay them more to become television personalities than they could get out of their clients pockets practicing law. News is simply the objective reporting of actual events and tabloid television is using real life personalities to create story lines that attract bored viewers so it is easy to classify our news organizations of today as unimportant and insignificant like their leader, Jerry Springer. This writer is ready for good old fashioned and fact driven content on our news programs so until these social media driven talking heads are relegated to fact based reporting, my television is turned off and I focus on serious and productive endeavors.

Unity Through Solutions Discusses Political Pay for Play

Pay to play, sometimes pay for play, is a phrase used for a variety of situations in which money is exchanged for services or the privilege to engage in certain activities. The common denominator of all forms of pay to play is that one must pay to “get in the game,” with the sports analogy frequently arising.

There can be no unity There is no fairness for the American people without Honesty. Our leaders must be men and women of character. Now that Hillary Clinton is under investigation for a myriad of mis deeds by the IRS we more than ever need to focus on finding those leaders who can provide unity through solutions.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen referred congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” activities to his tax agency’s exempt operations office for investigation, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The request to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on charges of “public corruption” was made in a July 15 letter by 64 House Republicans to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They charged the foundation is “lawless.” 7-27 daily Caller

Legislation that prohibits any politician or their immediate and extended family selling access to power. The legislation must include a contractual clause that can penalize those who engage in this activity.

Solution 1A : Elect Godly men and women.

Obstruction of Justice by our Democratic Party.

we watched in horror as Eric Holder created a racial firestorm in Ferguson to cover up the subcommittee investigation into the fraud we call Obama-care; we remember that Eric Holder ran a criminal covert operation to provide small weapons to Mexican drug cartels and these weapons were used to kill Border Patrol officers. The solution is to criminally prosecute these individuals and since our elected officials will not, we as a people must start to pressure Congress to do so under promise to vote them out of office in their next election. Maybe the Republicans will get the message!

Unity Through Solutions Speaks Out about America’s Homeless

Unity Through Solution Speaks Out about   America’s Homeless
The homeless are with us  and while they can be found anywhere, the fact the demoncratic party is more concerned with importing Muslim terrorists into our midst than dealing with existing issues, this writer feels the time to address our folks here at home may finally be at hand.  16265894_794618967343661_3782996500269412365_n
The children whose families are typically unemployed or underemployed poor seem to be the worst victims and vulnerable to the inaction of our self-serving political establishment.  That is, until politicians figure out how to capitalize off of prioritizing the working poor and these innocents born into an impossible circumstance.
As of today, less than two weeks into his term, President Trump is addressing the campaign promises he made to conservative and evangelical voters who gave him his job so we are going to give him some time to address the underemployed in our nation.
 Whether or not he chooses to look at our children and their plight remains to be seen but let’s assume once he has gotten his elitist globalist puppets in place, his attention will return to making money and increasing his legacy as a businessman and as a president.
Unity Through Solutions is willing to bet that small businesses and working poor need to pull together to mobilize and place solutions forward through the grass roots whereby forcing the politicians who will otherwise just provide lip service with no results, “We the People” will create the changes necessary in right siding our economy and the plight of our working class.
The banks will not be helpful.  The lawyers and courts will continue to exploit everyone using the “law” to extort wealth from everyone.  The politicians will only address legislative actions that benefit their PACs with unlimited contributions.  “We the People” will fix the problems of the country then send the crooked lawyers and politicians to the sidelines to join the demoncratic party and the bankers, well, we just have to eliminate debt burdens from our families and businesses which will reinvigorate community banks at the expense of to big to fail.  16265894_794618967343661_3782996500269412365_n
America’s homeless should do anything they can to pull themselves up and it is our duty to offer them that hand with that fish hook whereby they can feed themselves and shelter their children.

Mainstream Media Promotes Civil Unrest

MainStream Media Promotes Civil Unrest
Unity Through Solutions asserts that any practical and pragmatic thinking person recognizes the malicious actions of primarily young and left-leaning misfits when the anger of these people can be so manipulated by talking heads on a television screen.
We have to wonder why would a bunch of former lawyers turned talking heads promote the divisive and false narratives of social unrest if not for the reality that it creates viewers to their cable network stations so they can sell more advertising paid for by we who buy these advertisers products.  media-promotes-unrestThe biased media is nothing but an advertising sales platform for fools to waste precious time staring at televison screens listening to their stupidity.  Turn off your televisions sets and do something productive like learning about our Constitution and the systemic takeover of a nation by lawyers and self-serving politicians.
  • Go to the alternative media outlets who are distilling the facts into real news and read how you can actually benefit if you participate.
  • Reject the major media outlets at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX who have become Jerry Springer TMZ clones…….
  • Do something productive like learning how our courts were highjacked along with our Constitution by self-serving, greedy and civil destruction architects within the banking and legal industries.
 Ever wonder why lawyers and bankers always win and “We the People” lose as business men plug onward to create jobs and build a better future for everyone involved in spite of the criminal enterprise we call our legal system?  Lawyers and talking heads on television have dumbed us down to a level consistent with the level of their moral turpitude, therefore, we are stupid and they are rich because we let them steal our wealth and our freedom.  Learn about these matters and stop wasting your time watching the mainstream media.  Research the term Common Law Grand Jury instead of wasting your time on the media. We have a repository of research available to those serious about the restoration of America. Contact me at 561-859-4785 for details.

Healthcare Affordability

Healthcare Affordability

Unity Through Solutions is concerned that the replacement to Obama-care through a pending republican health plan is not being viewed properly by anyone in Washington.  The apparent rift between politicians on each side of the isle is over net tax impacts to the rich and availability to the rest of America, two distinctly separate motivated groups.  The rich want tax deductions and deferral plans with zero impact their accustomed standard of life or disposable income while the rest of America just wants to survive while striving for some peace in their lives.  Neither constituent can win this fight representing just a few dollars to the rich but a huge part of everyone else’s income by using health care as the pawn, however, there is a solution that accomplishes both constituents their desired outcome as a relatively simple plan removing the political class’s control over other people’s lives.  fleecing_still-300wIf healthcare were again affordable and physicians could treat their patients without this 400% excessive cost burden on the country from legal malpractice by unscrupulous lawyers and unnecessary debt of the sector due to the unscrupulous bankers, everyone would be better off.  Screw the lawyers and screw the bankers and let’s get the 99%ers back on track.  The fight is not about the American people, it’s about the rich lawyers vs the rest of the country therefore until we retake control of our country from the BAR monopoly, everyone loses.  Regulate the legal industry then force them from office through term limits so We the People can become strong again.  Its the lawyers fleecing everyone that has created this nightmare on Main Street.

Will Trump use the precedents established by Obama?

Fraction Magic Theft of America

Trey Gowdy asked his colleagues why they allowed Obama to ignore and selectively enforce law? Listen carefully as Gowdy asks…

If a President can ignore some laws can a president then ignore any or all law?